Spring Tool for Pesky Nails ;0)

If you’re like me, putting in baseboards is one of those things that you think is going to be easy…then isn’t quite that way when you try it.  

Among other things…like needing lots of caulk to hide my not quite matching miters…sometimes a nail sticks out when you’re done.  And of course it’s in the corner where it’s hard to get to with a traditional punch and hammer.  (See what I mean about those miter cuts just non lining up.  Grrrr)


Nails sticking out in corner of baseboards

This is where a spring tool comes in handy.  They’re useful in many applications where the nail just didn’t set the way it was supposed to, but I find myself using one the most when putting up trim.


Spring Tool

And just like the package says, easy to use, accurate, no hammer required.  In no time those nails that halted your puttying job will be recessed!!


Setting nails

Just hold the head against the nail you want to recess, and pull back on the other end until it’s set to the depth you desire.

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