Crown Molding in Bathroom

It’s up!!! And the corner matches….never mind there are annoying gaps other places I won’t point out.   The point is, my miter corner matches.  

I watched this guy’s video on how to cut crown molding and it seemed pretty easy, so I decided to give it a shot.   I turned my molding upside down, held it tight against my miter saw fence and marked both outside edges with painters tape.  So far so good.


Miter saw marked with painters tape.

You don’t need to use the bevel (The adjustment that tilts the saw blade at an angle) Just the angle (The adjustment that rotates the entire saw) adjustment to cut crown molding.

Keep in mind the smaller details go on the bottom, with the larger coves on the top.  I was cutting an outside corner, so the top sticks out further, therefore the cut needs to start at the bottom and angle out toward the top.  Just do the opposite to get there other side.


Angle set to 45 degrees, crown molding upside down.

Since this was just going around the cabinet, I cut my angles first, then measured the length.  You measure the length from the bottom of the crown molding and cut it off at 90 degrees.


Hold the molding lined up on your tape marks and cut at 45 degrees.

I really wanted my corner to look sharp, so I glued it with Titebond’s trim and molding glue then nailed together with my pin nailer.  I then held it up and used the 18 ga brad nailer to attach the bottom to my bathroom cabinet.


Glue first, then nail with pin nailer.

And ta-da!!! The cabinet is almost finished…still needs a handle :0/


Bathroom Cabinet with Crown Molding!

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