Bathroom Cabinet

The barn door is up in the bathroom!!! I still need to put crown molding around the top of the cabinet, find a handle for the door, but at least it is up!!

I showed the door in progress in my Sawtooth Alder post, here is the rest of the cabinet.  I used some left over AC plywood my husband had bought for cabinets in his shop, which  means the backside will have knots that aren’t necessarily filled in.  I was doing a rustic finish, so this didn’t matter too much.   We’ll start at the point where I have all my dados cut and I’ve put a coat of stain on all my pieces.


Plywood on left, alder on right, stained ready for assembly

This is the part where you cross your fingers and hope that you have measured and lined up all of your dados correctly ;0). I glued each joint, then used 2″ 18 gauge nails and a nail gun to put it together.


Assembly in progress.


I have the back on at this point, and a coat of Oyster Milk paint over stain.  You can’t spray milk paint, so I used a synthetic brush to put it on.  You don’t want to use a natural bristle brush because the milk paint can make them smell after a while.  The little stick you see will be used on the raw edges of the plywood.


I sanded the milk paint on the cabinet at this point to the desired level of distressing then covered my raw edges with strips of wood.  These I glued on, then secured with a pin nailer.  You can see where I need to do some touch-up with the milk paint.


Once everything had been touched up and distressed it was ready for a clear coat.  I used Varathane’s acrylic polyurethane in satin.  This I sprayed on, sanding lightly between coats.


I also applied a clear coat to the door at this point.  To stand it up, I just screwed a couple of scraps of plywood to the bottom and set it on some Saw Horses while I painted.


There were a couple other rails I was going to need for my door to work.  A top rail with a rounded edge for the pulley to glide on, and a bottom rail with a lip for it to sit in.  I finished these with Dark Tung Oil.

Now for getting the hardware built:  I bought a 3/4 ” by 1/8″ thick piece of metal from the hardware store, took it out to my husband’s shop and used his metal saw to cut it into shorter pieces.  Then I marked and drilled the holes I would need to attach it to the door and Pulley.  You can read about how to NOT  make pulley wheels here, and the way that worked here ;0)

Finally it was time to put it all together in the bathroom.  My husband helped me hang the cabinet on the wall, then I was on my own getting everything else in place.  The rail ended up being crooked the first time and the door wouldn’t roll the entire way open.  I’ll blame it on being short and having screaming kids running and out while I was trying to work.  I have since fixed the rail….but now the door hangs crooked.  Grrrr.  That is a project for another day. Right now DONE is a virtue I can live with.  Except for the crown molding and handle….


Sorry about the glare.  There wasn’t a second set of hands around to hold the light out of the way.

Stay tuned for the entire bathroom remodel, don’t forget to hit the follow button for email updates or like my page on Facebook, “Girl with a Hand Plane

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