Cordless Circular Saw

I really like my cordless circular saw.  Having it makes cutting sheets of plywood so much less intimidating by yourself.  This is a great “girl” and teen tool.  I’ve used corded circular saws, and they’re ok.  But heavy.  While this has plenty of power to get through your job, it’t never going to feel like it’s running away from you.

If you will notice the direction the blade spins on this saw, the teeth are cutting from the bottom of your wood.  This means that your roughest edge is going to be on top.  On a table saw, the blade is cutting form the top, so your roughest edge is on the bottom.


20 Volt DeWalt Circular Saw

I’ve finally learned to mark the back of the plywood so the rough edge is on the bottom.  If you recall I mentioned in my Table Saw Station with Biesemeyer Fence post, you should only use the table saw on wood that is longer than it is wide.  You could use a good miter gauge, or cross-cut sled, for the most part with large sheets of plywood you should use a circular saw when you are cutting across the narrow side of the rectangle.  The danger on the table saw it is catching and coming back at you, keeping it straight etc.

If you’re a little unsure of your ability to cut a straight line, you can use an edge guide like this one from Kreg, or clamp a straight board down and follow that.  I usually just go for it!

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