My husband doesn’t love wood working, he actually prefers metal, welding and engines when it comes down to it.  Normally he doesn’t show much enthusiasm when I get new tools, these were an exception.   He thought holdfasts were pretty amazing.  He actually sat and played with them for a while to see how well they worked ;0)

Traditionally holdfasts were made by your local blacksmith and he would fashion them however you wanted.  I’ve met a few people who do blacksmithing as a hobby, but wasn’t living near any of them when I needed these.   After shopping around and reading disappointing reviews on Amazon and Rockler I finally stumbled on something that sounded like what I wanted.  Tools for Working Wood  sells quite a few high quality tools that are geared toward the traditional wood worker.

I’ve been using these for over a year now and they still do their job just as they should.  Being made of rolled wire instead of cast metal makes them a little more flexible and less likely to break when hit with a hammer.

The top of my workbench is about 4″ thick and at first I was having trouble getting the holdfast to stay until I drilled all of my holes bigger.  They just needed a little more room to create enough leverage to work.  They say you need a 3/4″ hole, mine didn’t work right until I drilled 7/8″ holes.

I love how easy these are to use!  Just whack them on the top to set them, and hit them from the side to release.  After using them for about a year, I think I need at least 1 more if not another pair.  There have been enough situations when I’ve needed an extra “hand.”

If you don’t already have a good workbench, what are waiting for?  Get your workbench built so you can experience the ease of holding things in place the old fashioned way!

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