Library Closet Door

We took the bedroom just off the living room and converted it into our library.  This involved dividing the existing closet in half and making a small shelved closet for games etc. in the library and a broom closet in the hall.

We also moved the doorway to the room from the hallway to the corner of the wall.  We cut this corner off, added an arched entrance….that still needs to be cased and trimmed as we speak…..and I have big plans to build a door for it.  Someday.

I also started laying hardwood floors in this room, I bought the wood originally for my bedroom, but was afraid of running out so did this smaller room first.  Milling your own hardwood floor is the subject for another post ;0).  Anyhow, all this is leading up to the finish on the closet door.

I found solid pine doors on the classifieds the size I  needed for $15, so I bought two thinking I would use the second door on the hall side of the closet.  And hand it as a sliding barn door.

Good thing I did buy two!! on the first one I drilled the holes for the lock mechanism too wide.  Yes, tape measures and I are often at odds. I am the reason they tell you to “measure twice and cut once.”  I got it all right on the second door, screwed a couple of boards to one side,  since you won’t be able to see that edge once it’s hung.  Otherwise you would want to paint the door standing up so you could get to all the edges.

The first layer was stained with whatever I had in my paint cupboard, I even ran out of one can and started on another to finish it.  This needed to sit overnight to dry.  I then moved it in out of the freezing cold garage into my daughter’s room that I was still working on the floor in.

I don’t have any “in the process pictures” after the first one.  After the stain I used Annie Sloan’s Florence paint.  And at that point I was a little worried about my color scheme because it was BOLD and BRIGHT and enough to overwhelm my little space.  Certain member of my household were wondering what in the world I was doing.

Since I was putting milk paint over the chalk paint and I wanted the milk paint to chip and allow the other layers to show, I applied a coat of hemp oil with a chip brush and let that dry for 2 hours, wiped off the excess and began the real experiment.

It felt like my first layer was chipping too much, so I panicked and added a second coat of milk paint in a slightly different color.  I used both Sweet Pickins and Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paints on this door and came to the conclusion that you need the hemp oil between coats with Miss Mustard Seeds Paint to get it to chip, but Sweet Pickins has a different texture and chipped too much with the hemp oil under layer.

After hours of repainting and blowing with the blow dryer I was finally happy with how it turned out.  Once it had all dried I covered the whole thing with Benjamin Moor’s “stays clear” because I couldn’t find any Varathane’s “Crystal Clear” locally and didn’t want to drive at the moment.  IMG_9198

Comparing Benjamin Moore’s to Varathane’s Acrylic polyurethane, this one is a lot more shiny when you’re done.  It says low luster, but the satin Varathane is visibly lower luster and doesn’t reflect nearly as much light.

I still need to get my glass door knob installed, and I’ll update once I do.  For now I have one “almost finished” corner of my house.

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