Using your Tape Measure as a Compass

Ever wonder what that small slit at the end of your tape measure is actually for?  I probably didn’t even notice it until someone pointed out that it so you can use your tape as a compass.

IMG_9147This is especially useful if you need to draw a large circle on a sheet of plywood, wall etc. or it would even work for something small if needed.

All you need to do now is place a nail or screw in the center of what you want to draw.  For example, if you wanted to draw an 8 foot circle, you would place a nail 4 feet from your desired edge.

Holding a pencil next to your chosen measurement, draw your circle or arc as you rotate your tape on the nail.

So easy!  This doesn’t mean I don’t want a set of antique trammel points…..but it comes in handy when you’re laying out curved molding ;0)


Half of a 7 foot arch.  I will be adding a “keystone” to the middle to join the two sides.

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