Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Have you ever bought a house that was built in 1978 and all of the kitchen cabinets look like this?  Pretty great huh?  The good news is, they are solid plywood and you can do something about it.  Like take down the cabinet about the peninsula immediately because this is a well built kitchen and you will have enough storage without it.  Instant larger living space!!

Scrub ’em Down!

First order is to take all of the door fronts off, remove all of the hardware and get them scrubbed down.  So much fun.  Put on your gloves and get out the TSP.

Adding the details

I had a pile of knotty alder that I acquired  when I bought the remains of a cabinet shop and thought this would be a great chance to try it out.  Also in that same score was a grooving/bead board blade you use in your table saw, turning ordinary lumber into something fun and exciting!!  Or in this case blah cabinet doors into something you want to show the world.

Now the fun really begins!  I wanted to add a faux face frame to my cabinet doors so I got out the old dado blade set for the table saw and set my dep
th and literally spent the day running my cabinet doors through.  Until at the IMG_6375end they had both a recess to put the face plate on and pretty little beads to add some character.  These drawers are mostly done.  I kept the drawers intact since it would cause more damage than it was worth to take the fronts off just to put them back on.

IMG_6381Next I designed and shaped all the face frames.  This project took a month, lots of little steps getting everything to fit and look good.  I wanted to do a distressed finish so before assembling anything, I stained all of my alder and primed and painted the backs of the cabinet doors and inside of my drawers.  Then I painted my face frames before assembling as well as the cabinet and drawer fronts.    I used a home made chalk paint on these, flat paint and primer in one from Home Depot with calcium carbonate mixed in.  Face frames were painted with a brush, and I sprayed the fronts.  The fun part was adding all of the stencils,  I could decide on just one so I settled on a floral theme ;0)

Re-Assembling the Cabinets

Finally it was time to put everything together!! Happy Day!  Time to distress and clear coat!   IMG_6445

Hardware is scrubbed and back on and they are up in the kitchen! I didn’t even realize they were copper until I started cleaning them.  I can live with copper.

I find it funny that most women love the bright colors and the initial reaction of most men is “What did you do?”  “I never would have picked those colors to go together.  Ever” and  “D. B., the builder who built this house rolling in his grave……”  Well, since I live here and he doesn’t, I cook the meals and they don’t……bright and cheerful it is!

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6 thoughts on “Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

  1. Michelle says:

    Love all the projects! We just bought a house, so we will be starting some remodeling soon. 😉 My favorite part of this post is, “I cook the meals and they don’t . . .” Ha! That’s exactly how it is!


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