Raised Stencil Projects

Raised stencil were my absolute favorite thing for a while!!!  I wanted to put them on everything because they add so much texture and dimension, are easy to do and were so easy to customize with my Silhouette, all I needed was to pick a picture or theme and cut my stencils and I was ready to go!  You can do raised stencils with wall mud,  I did all of these with a product called VP Antico from Artisan Enhancements by Aloha Coatings.  It isn’t as chalky as wall mud and can be tinted.  I had some water based stain I added to mine to make it darker so it would pop with the lighter paint I wanted to use.

Let’s get started!!

For the bare wood projects I started by darkening the wood with steel wool dissolved in vinegar as a stain.   For those who don’t know this produces a chemical reaction with the tannins in the wood.  Woods like pine do no have a lot of tannins and turn out lighter than woods with lots of tannins such as oak and maple.  Fir and redwood also turn quite a bit dar


Bed with vinegar/steel wool solution. Notice the pine slats are lighter than the fir 2×6’s and redwood 4×4’s.

ker than pine.  This is my son’s bed, it has a base coat of vinegar/steel wool solution on it topped with a coat of shellac.  You need to sand pretty good at this stage to remove any burrs and smooth out any raised grain caused by the vinegar solution.  On the center slat you can see some gray lightening bolts…this is the raised stencil.  Once everything has dried you can put on your topcoat.  In this case I used home made chalk paint and flat Behr paint from Home Depot.  I sprayed this on with my hvlp spray gun.
Most things need two coats to get completely even, let them dry completely between coats.  The next picture is from my daughter’s bed, it has two coats of a light lavender paint on it.  At this point I took a small brush and veeeeery carefully painted the top of the raised stencils on the beds.  This is the only project I chose to do this on, the others I just sanded to my liking at this point.

Oak Desk Repaint

I also had a little oak desk I repainted with raised stencil on the drawers.  This I did a more traditional paint job on, primer first, satin latex pain on top.  I added the stencils after the primer layer so I could sand everything smooth at that point.  I don’t have a very good picture of it, but while I had the desk all sanded down I took my router and added a round-over edge to the top of the desk.  I sprayed everything white first, then used a paint brush to paint the panels green, laid stencils all over the top and used a staple brush to stencil it.

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