Map Dresser

We call this “The Map Dresser” around here.  It sits by the front door and collects keys, wallets, mittens etc.  I was a really fun re-do that I had threatened to paint several times before it ended up like this.


“The Map Dresser”

Our family spent about 6 months in England and I wanted to do something to remember our time when we got home.  This is what the dresser looked like before:


Before Picture of “Map Dresser”

I sanded the top down to bare wood, applied “Driftwood” wood aging solution.  Then taped off the Union Jack with painters tape and used watered down chalk paint to paint it on in a wash.  The main dresser was sprayed with Annie Sloan’s “Emperor’s Silk” chalk paint.  The maps were cut down to size, glued on with acrylic medium, which I then painted over the top once the backs had dried.

I kept the original hardware and baskets.  The wicker baskets were spray painted a brown spray paint I’ve forgotten the name of :0)

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