Mantle Repaint

There was an oak mantle in a house we lived in that I wanted to repaint from the beginning….but didn’t get to it until a few months before we moved.  Should have done it sooner…it looked sooooo much better when I was done.  


There are those among us who believe that if something is made of solid wood, it should not be painted.  Ever.  I happen to disagree, having solid wood underneath just means I can change my mind again later and paint it a different color, or even stain it again if I want.  Solid wood gives you options, and not all grain patterns are created equal, neither are all stain options.  Sorry to say, but golden oak has had it’s day, and in this house, it just needed to go.  Out came the rolled paper, painters tape and sand paper.  Good bye glossy golden finish.  Hello something ready to paint!!

I had recently discovered Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and loved everyone’s projects with the dark wax and the added texture.  There wasn’t much texture on this mantle as you can see, so I searched online and bought some.  I did not have a pin nailer, or a working compressor for that matter at this stage of my life so I used wood glue and clamped on my embellishments.  Once they were dry I put on a couple of coats of Antique white, clear wax and finished up with dark wax.  Winning combination if you ask me ;0).

Mantle after being painted


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